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Great Earning Tool For All Partners

For Agencies

For agencies we provide product datafeed, banners, coupons, videos and so on. Meanwhile, API service and postback service are supported for media buying, digital marketing, coupon sites, and any other affiliate agencies.

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For Influencers

If you are a web influencer, congratulations, you hit the nail on the head. By joining FirstGrabber Not only can you get exclusive coupons but also apply for free clothes, sending back your photos, articles, or videos in return.

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For Individuals

Just an individual? No worries! As long as you have a social account and are willing to share products to your community, you are wanted as well. You can also apply for free clothes if your channels meet our needs.

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Customize Any Link

By using “Custom Link”, you can create any promotion links you want. They can be:

√ A product link on the site
√ A category link on the site
√ The website home URL
√ Any other event links on the site

Social Media Share-You don't even need a website

With the social media share function, everyone can be an easy spreader for DressLily. As long as you have a social account, you can share your loved products to your community with an automatically-created tracking link and you will earn commission for any valid orders coming from your link.

Free Items for Review

This is definitely a great program for bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers and any other influencers. Confident about your influence among your fans? Try it!

Qualified channels include:

Bloggers: 2000+ followers
Instagrammers: 2000+ followers
Youtubers: 2000+ Subscribers
Other Channels:It depends

A review could be a blog, a post, a video, an article or any other forms that containing your tracking links, namely, the custom link mentioned above. Submmiting a review is a must and allows you to have a second chance.

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What They Are Saying?

I’m an Albanian social media Manager and a year ago I came across the DressLily Website, where I purchased some swimsuits with awesome quality and low price! While surfing on the website I found "earn money" on the corner and then I joined firstgrabber and my program to promote DressLily has begun! It was very hard at the beginning earning something but the key is patience! Sometimes I just wanted to give up but I didn't and I am proud of that! Now here I am, I make more money than my actual job and I couldn't be more happy!

Xheni Mullahi

As a long-term partner, Enfluist loves FirstGrabber because it gives us a platform to develop meaningful relationships with their top-tier brands. We value their transparency and FirstGrabber's account management is second-to-none. Their proactive outreach has been a large contributor to the growth and success of our affiliate marketing efforts.

Bright Williams

More Choices To Promote DressLily

DressLily and FirstGrabber are business partners on affiliate marketing, it's completely free and safe to join!

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